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Infant Developmental Milestones                                                 $20.00

This packet includes a month by month review of infant gross motor developmental milestones for the first year. For each month, you’ll learn what skills we are looking for, images of what babies at each month look like, and activities to try at home to promote development.  A month by month, easy to read chart is included for your reference.  Basic tummy time do’s and don’ts as well as some red flags to look for are also included!


Torticollis Simplified:  A Stretching Guide for Parents                                                    $20.00                                                    IMG_3161

Torticollis can be confusing for anyone! This guide for parents is designed to make sense of if all. A starting point for newly diagnosed babies, the guide includes pictures and video to simply explain how to perform stretches effectively and why we need to do them in the first place. Note that this packet reviews stretches only.