About Me

SaraBrummer-0038Welcome! My name is Sara and I’m a Dr of Physical Therapy with 20 years of experience exclusively in pediatrics! I’ve worked in schools, homes, hospitals, and outpatient clinics. Now I get to call the brand new Wellness Collective in Collingswood, NJ my PT home.  I specialize in:

  • torticollis & plagiocephaly
  • toe walking
  • low muscle tone
  • neuromotor disorders
  • developmental delays.

I offer a wealth of skill and knowledge to families with an approach that is warm, friendly, and based in play.  Kids do their best when they’re having fun!

phone: 856-258-0880

email: sarabrummer.pt@gmail.com

“Sara was able to spot my daughter’s torticollis at 5 weeks old. She was so gentle and caring while explaining everything to me. She obviously cares about the kids she treats….Sara even took the time to look at a video I took of my daughter crawling in an atypical way and gave me feedback over the phone.  Now I have a happy 2 year old who meets her milestones”  Jessica Spence, Autumn’s mom

“Sara is a physical therapy detective! She delved into the root cause of my daughter’s toe walking.  By taking the time to really analyze her movements and listen to my concerns we received truly individualized care.  Sara was able to modify activities my daughter already enjoyed to help strengthen her core and address her sensory needs” Marianna Tasso, Lenora’s mom

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