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Developmental Wellness Consult (birth to 12 months)

Does your baby HATE tummy time and you’re not sure how to help? Has he started doing a funky crawl and you’ve asked yourself “Is this normal?” Have you fallen down the dreaded Google rabbit hole looking for answers, only to find yourself more worried? When it comes to your baby, “Wait & See” is not an option and it’s important to get answers from a professional! I’ll perform a thorough developmental screen, give you tips to help promote the next stage, and make toy and equipment recommendations based on your baby’s skill level. Consults last about 30-40 minutes and cost $85. **Please note that wellness visits are not reimbursed by insurance.

Physical Therapy Initial Evaluation

During an initial evaluation, we’ll discuss your child’s birth and developmental history, any concerns you have, and goals you’d like to work toward. I’ll use my clinical expertise to assess: Posture, Alignment, Strength, Muscle Tone, Range of Motion, Gait, Gross Motor Skills, Coordination, Balance. My specialties include: Torticollis, Toe Walking, Low Muscle Tone, Developmental Delay, Neurological Disorders, Prematurity. Because coordinated care leads to the best outcomes for your child, a detailed report will be provided to you and your pediatrician. A physical therapy evaluation takes about an hour and costs $180.

Physical Therapy Sessions

Once your child has been evaluated, physical therapy sessions can begin. Your child will engage in fun AND functional activities to help him meet his goals. Along the way, you’ll learn simple activities to do at home to further promote your child’s success. Sessions are offered in 60 min ($130), 45 min ($100), and 30 min ($85) increments to fit your schedule and your budget.

**Developmental Wellness Consults, Physical Therapy Evaluations & Sessions are all available virtually via Zoom for NJ & PA residents only.

Private Play Time (birth to 3 year olds only)

Perfect for cold, rainy days when your kids are stuck inside and bursting with energy! My gym is available for your kids to play and get those sillies out! **Note that this is NOT PHYSICAL THERAPY, but rather unstructured, indoor play time. Cost is $25 per family for an hour of play.