My Approach

My mission is to promote safe and efficient mobility so that children can fully participate in their most important job…PLAY! With proper alignment as the framework, I focus on central stability (core strength) through everyday play activities and transitions.  Children develop and grow stronger simply by exploring and being active.  Typically developing 6 month olds put their feet in their mouth while playing on their backs.  Besides being absolutely adorable, this serves a function… strengthen the abdominals and lengthen their hip muscles to prepare them for crawling and walking.  For those with neurological impairments, less than ideal alignment, or compromised postural strength, they might miss out on this opportunity, setting them up for challenges as they grow. My treatment approach is all about facilitating typical development and educating parents. Helping the baby bring his feet to his mouth and showing his family how to do it too, in a way that is natural and is incorporated into regular playtime – not “exercise”.  The same goes for little ones learning to walk, or older children perfecting a new skill.  I thrive on the success of my children and their families and am so proud of their achievements big and small!!

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  1. Wonderful website Sara! I’m a colleague 19 year experienced pediatric PT and Sara is FABULOUS!

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